News from the third Buttle OFX team !

New year and new team for the Buttle OFX project…

Since September we are 5 students who have the chance to join Fabien and Clément.
We’ve got few meetings and we learnt a lot since the beginning. After some hours of theory about Buttle OFX, QML and a little bit of Python, our first mission was to create a timeline and a color wheel in QML. It was also the occasion to get more familiar with Git and version control.

At this time a first version of both components have been created and a part of the team is working to improve the color wheel and integrate it on the software when the other part is working on new features for the Graph. You’ll have more information about our work int the next few days.

The Buttle team #3

One thought on “News from the third Buttle OFX team !

  1. Keep going, guys and gals! After a long time with no new information I was getting worried… but I see you have not been on vacation!

    I am not one of those people that are screaming for a Windows version… I’m waiting for the Amiga version! But seriously, Windows is my primary platform and I’m sure you will get to it when it’s more mature.

    Good luck!

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