Presentation day for Buttle OFX !

We are proud to present Buttle OFX software and his new features during the IMAC projects day.

During this winter, a new color picker is born, it’s a complete tool for people who care about colours. There is also a completely  new browser with asynchronous search and presets are incoming. Finally we fix some bugs from previous version and rework the paremeters interface, it’s now more user friendly.

You can discover all these features in our new video meanwhile the new archive is uploaded on the website.


News from the third Buttle OFX team !

New year and new team for the Buttle OFX project…

Since September we are 5 students who have the chance to join Fabien and Clément.
We’ve got few meetings and we learnt a lot since the beginning. After some hours of theory about Buttle OFX, QML and a little bit of Python, our first mission was to create a timeline and a color wheel in QML. It was also the occasion to get more familiar with Git and version control.

At this time a first version of both components have been created and a part of the team is working to improve the color wheel and integrate it on the software when the other part is working on new features for the Graph. You’ll have more information about our work int the next few days.

The Buttle team #3

ButtleOFX Alpha is on download !

Downloads for ButtleOFX Alpha for Linux 64 bits are now available here !

We are really proud to share it to you, but keep in mind that it’s an Alpha version. There is still bugs (we know it), and there is still a lot of work to do to create a production version.

But, ButtleOFX Alpha can show you what ButtleOFX will be able to be in the future.

We hope you will really enjoy our software.

And we have an other surprise for you : a new video presenting ButtleOFX Alpha !

Good evening,


More news of ButtleOFX Alpha

Hi Buttlers !

The release of ButtleOFX Alpha for Linux 64 bits will be the first available. We are in hard work to share it to you as soon as possible !

The release for Windows 7 will come after. So, users of Windows, you will need a little bit more patience !


We hope you will enjoy it!



News of ButtleOFX Alpha

Hi Buttlers!

Debug is now finished, and we are working on the installable version of ButtleOFX : ButtleOFX Alpha.

But we have a little bad new for you : we won’t be able to create a .deb version for Ubuntu 13.10. So, for Windows and Ubuntu, ButtleOFX will be presented as an archive.

Otherwise, the new website will come very soon, this week or the the next week! We hope that you’ll enjoy it!


See you!



Meeting [18/03/14]

Hi everybody ! 

Tuesday evening we worked with our tutor !  So what’s new ?
We discussed the communication of the project. We are planning to reorganize and redesign the wordpress. With all these articles it comes to be a little messy ! 🙂 A new video is also on the way ! It will present you the software with all its new features.

Then, we also spoke about the debug. It’s not completely finished yet but many things have been corrected. We are focusing on all the details needed to create a pleasant user experience.

And finally we can say that ButtleOFX will be available as an archive first for ubuntu 13.10 and probably for Windows too. Developpers of TuttleOFX are still working on an “apt-get” way to obtain TuttleOFX, and it will determine if the same will be applied to ButtleOFX or not.

See you !