ButtleOFX is a simple, user-friendly and open source compositing software. It is based on TuttleOFX,  an open source, modular and sustainable image processing architecture.



ButtleOFX allows you to easily create special effects for your photos and videos thanks to its features.

– an intuitive Graph Editor to connect nodes (IO, color transformations, geometry, text burn… see full plugin list),

Parameters Editor to customize effects,

– an integrated Browser to find your images and import them,

– three different Workspace layouts depending on your needs,

– a dedicated Interface to simply and quickly create effects without doing a graph


Credits : "Mercedes Sensations Le Monolithe © Wilfrid Brimo / Wanda / Mikros image"

Credits : “Mercedes Sensations Le Monolithe © Wilfrid Brimo / Wanda / Mikros image”



Little story of the project :

ButtleOFX was developed during a consecutive two-year term by two strongly motivated teams of French students of the IMAC engineering school.

The idea was to create a simple and efficient compositing software.

Firstly intended to last a year, the project produced such a craze that it was extended for one year. Goal of this extra year : improve the user experience and create a stable version of ButtleOFX.

After two years of strong efforts, we are glad to introduce ButtleOFX Alpha. We hope it will give you lots of satisfaction!

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3 thoughts on “Home

    • The number of questions about a mac os release shows us that there is significant waiting for it.
      We keep this in mind, but we have considered that it was better to make a really usable version before releases on each platforms.
      Thanks for your feedback.

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