The project

Story of ButtleOFX

Where does the name ButtleOFX come from?

The choice of ButtleOFX was pretty natural considering TuttleOFX name.

Buttle and Tuttle are two characters of the movie Brazil directed by Terry Gilliam.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, in the totalitarian world of Brazil, Archibald Tuttle is a dissenting plumber and heating specialist (plumber avenger) introduced illegally in people’s house to repair their air conditioning.

State police is planning his arrest but when the warrant is printed, a mosquito slips into the machine and hide the first letter of his name, making Buttle arrested instead of Tuttle.

And that explains our mosquito logo !

It all started in 2007, when actors of a collaborative project which gathered post production companies and academic institutions brought up the idea of TuttleOFX, an open source modular and sustainable image processing architecture.

Today, TuttleOFX is a growing software composed of an OpenFX plugin set (IO, color transformations, geometry, text burn, …) and a nodal engine usable in C++, in Python or directly in command lines.

The desire to build a user interface based on TuttleOFX gradually increased and has been strengthened by a strong need of a simple but complete compositing solution for the VFX open source community.

This is how in 2012, Fabien Castan, one of the funders of TuttleOFX, had the idea to propose ButtleOFX as a teaching project to the students of IMAC engineering school.

Since then, two highly motivated students teams followed one another.

The first team of ButtleOFX first studied TuttleOFX, existing compositing softwares and user main needs. A first version of ButtleOFX, proof of concept, was born.

In light of the craze created by this first release, a new IMAC team was set up on the project in 2013. Goal of this extra year : improve the user experience and create a stable version of ButtleOFX.

After two years of strong efforts, we are glad to introduce ButtleOFX Alpha. We hope it will give you lots of satisfaction!



Team 2 :
Coming soon : ButtleOFX Alpha binaries for download !
March 2014 : Stabilization of new features and first binary tests
January 2014 : Mid-term presentation of the project at IMAC engineering school
22nd October 2013 : Composition of ButtleOFX new student team
Team 1 :
5th May 2013 : Final video presentation
19th February 2013 : First version of ButtleOFX video presentation
1st February 2013 : Mid-term presentation of the project at IMAC engineering school
23th November 2012 : Design and first implementation of the GUI
15th October 2013 : Composition of ButtleOFX first student team

12 thoughts on “The project

  1. Are there plans to include both a node view mode & a time line view mode in the interface? If not, I think that would be a good idea so the user can pick which mode to use (or even set it to use both at once).

    • We decided to offer three different modes that organize differently our panels. One of them is dedicated to the new browser. It will be possible to drag and drop images and video files from it to the graph or the viewer.
      If you want to work only with the graph and the nodes it’s possible to put the panel in full screen.
      We didn’t improve the timeline, it’s still very basic for the moment without keyframes etc… There’s so much work to do before :p

  2. So, it seems that this is making some good progress, concerning an eventual release what platform OS do you plan to get out the door?

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