ButtleOFX Alpha is on download !

Downloads for ButtleOFX Alpha for Linux 64 bits are now available here !

We are really proud to share it to you, but keep in mind that it’s an Alpha version. There is still bugs (we know it), and there is still a lot of work to do to create a production version.

But, ButtleOFX Alpha can show you what ButtleOFX will be able to be in the future.

We hope you will really enjoy our software.

And we have an other surprise for you : a new video presenting ButtleOFX Alpha !

Good evening,



6 thoughts on “ButtleOFX Alpha is on download !

  1. keep it up guys………. you are doing a great job. I’m waiting for a windows version.
    I’m a composting artist from sri lanka.

    • The number of questions about a windows release shows us that there is significant waiting for it.
      We keep this in mind, but we have considered that it was better to make a really usable version before releases on each platforms.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  2. So, as i understand this project is kinda developped in a school environment i dont expect to see much progress for a few months (basically not after the summer). Is a Win release still planned? I was following this rather closely but as i m not Linux based and dont plan to be (my other tools arent linux based so…) i m currently looking at Natron which seems to be making good progress.

    • ButtleOFX is based on the TuttleOFX open source framework mainly developed by Mikros Image.
      Around that, ButtleOFX is a student project to create an application with a GUI around that. We hope that it will convince new people to join the developpement. But currently, there is no stable financement around the project.
      Like you said, the project did not progress a lot this summer, but I can tell you that a new team of students will work on ButtleOFX from 9 octobre 2014 to 13 mai 2015. We will have a road map of their work in the next few weeks.

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