Presentation day for Buttle OFX !

We are proud to present Buttle OFX software and his new features during the IMAC projects day.

During this winter, a new color picker is born, it’s a complete tool for people who care about colours. There is also a completely  new browser with asynchronous search and presets are incoming. Finally we fix some bugs from previous version and rework the paremeters interface, it’s now more user friendly.

You can discover all these features in our new video meanwhile the new archive is uploaded on the website.


Meeting [18/03/14]

Hi everybody ! 

Tuesday evening we worked with our tutor !  So what’s new ?
We discussed the communication of the project. We are planning to reorganize and redesign the wordpress. With all these articles it comes to be a little messy ! 🙂 A new video is also on the way ! It will present you the software with all its new features.

Then, we also spoke about the debug. It’s not completely finished yet but many things have been corrected. We are focusing on all the details needed to create a pleasant user experience.

And finally we can say that ButtleOFX will be available as an archive first for ubuntu 13.10 and probably for Windows too. Developpers of TuttleOFX are still working on an “apt-get” way to obtain TuttleOFX, and it will determine if the same will be applied to ButtleOFX or not.

See you !


Fresh News from ButtleOFX

Hi !

So, what happened to ButtleOFX during the last weeks ?

First of all, we presented our project in front of a jury. The presentation went very well and we received great feedbacks from both students and professors. To sum up, the main features have been developped and now the most important thing is to fix the last bugs to provide a stable version of the software.

Indeed, we will focus on finding a way to give an easy access to ButtleOFX to everyone. We don’t know for the moment how it will look ( archive, apt-get command, .exe …). We know that it’s difficult to install and that you are waiting for try and use it, that’s why it’s our principal goal. It’s currently not easy for us to do that, so, be a little patient! We are working on it. It would be really valuable for us to receive your impressions about the software.

Today, many bugs have been corrected and we are working on the communication of the project. Really soon, we will create a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. Thus, it will be easier for you and us to communicate together. You could ask any questions about ButtleOFX, and we will be there to answer you.

If you want to see ButtleOFX somewhere else, just tell us ! We thought about those social medias but we are open about the question. Of course, you’ll be the first informed when they’ll be created!

Thank you, and have a nice day !

ButtleOFX #2


2nd week of full work for ButtleOFX!

Hello !
The 2nd week was very intense for us, and results are here!

The Interface :
* The 4 views are totally functionnal, and can pass in full screen.
* There are 3 modes to open ButtleOFX : the “default mode”, the “browser mode”, the “advanced mode”

The Graph :
* Hard work on connections :
* We can unhook connections from the nodes
* We can switch connections
* Deletion of connections is easier
* Copy and paste nodes with their connections
* Translation of several nodes with their connections

The Browser :
* The browser is linked with the viewer
* Drag and drop of images and create automatically corresponding reader nodes
* Improve text input for path
* Arrows previous and next are functionnal
* Possibility to rename and suppress items and create folders
* Management of shortcuts

The Advanced Mode :
* We can create node without seeing the graph, only with a new Param Editor, which lists all the created nodes.

Miscellaneous :
* Help on nodes
* Parameters hint : the nodes properties are now available by right click on a node, and the paramaters are still on a separated column.

Next week we have a presentation of the avancement for the university. At this time we will post report.

The Buttle Team #2

The new version is in progress !

Hello !
For one week now, we’ve been fully working on Buttle.
And results begin to come ! So what’s new for the moment?

* Importants bugs has been fixed
* We worked on little improvements of design (menu, parameters…)

The Interface:
* Buttle workspace is shared in 4 view (Browser, Viewer, Graph, Params) which can be changed or closed

The Graph:
* Zoom is working
* A miniature of the graph was added

The Browser:
* You can browse between directories
* Was imported on Buttle Software
* We improved the management of the path text (suggestions)

* You can list nodes in the parameters part (usefull if the graph view is closed)

And it’s not the end ! We still have full of improvement to make !
And don’t worry if you think we can make much news features : we decided to have more quality than quantity !
In fact, as ButtleOFX is a open source software, we want our code to be clear and perennial.

So RDV next week, to tell you where we’ll be !

The Buttle Team #2

End of the year

We are pretty busy at this time… But dont worry : we dont forget ButtleOFX !
Our goal is to repair all things which are broken and have a basic file browser which works for January.
Then, we will be ready to bring news functionalities and improve the ButtleOFX v1.
In the meantime, we wish you merry christmas and happy new year !