Fresh News from ButtleOFX

Hi !

So, what happened to ButtleOFX during the last weeks ?

First of all, we presented our project in front of a jury. The presentation went very well and we received great feedbacks from both students and professors. To sum up, the main features have been developped and now the most important thing is to fix the last bugs to provide a stable version of the software.

Indeed, we will focus on finding a way to give an easy access to ButtleOFX to everyone. We don’t know for the moment how it will look ( archive, apt-get command, .exe …). We know that it’s difficult to install and that you are waiting for try and use it, that’s why it’s our principal goal. It’s currently not easy for us to do that, so, be a little patient! We are working on it. It would be really valuable for us to receive your impressions about the software.

Today, many bugs have been corrected and we are working on the communication of the project. Really soon, we will create a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. Thus, it will be easier for you and us to communicate together. You could ask any questions about ButtleOFX, and we will be there to answer you.

If you want to see ButtleOFX somewhere else, just tell us ! We thought about those social medias but we are open about the question. Of course, you’ll be the first informed when they’ll be created!

Thank you, and have a nice day !

ButtleOFX #2