Meeting [18/03/14]

Hi everybody ! 

Tuesday evening we worked with our tutor !  So what’s new ?
We discussed the communication of the project. We are planning to reorganize and redesign the wordpress. With all these articles it comes to be a little messy ! 🙂 A new video is also on the way ! It will present you the software with all its new features.

Then, we also spoke about the debug. It’s not completely finished yet but many things have been corrected. We are focusing on all the details needed to create a pleasant user experience.

And finally we can say that ButtleOFX will be available as an archive first for ubuntu 13.10 and probably for Windows too. Developpers of TuttleOFX are still working on an “apt-get” way to obtain TuttleOFX, and it will determine if the same will be applied to ButtleOFX or not.

See you !