2nd week of full work for ButtleOFX!

Hello !
The 2nd week was very intense for us, and results are here!

The Interface :
* The 4 views are totally functionnal, and can pass in full screen.
* There are 3 modes to open ButtleOFX : the “default mode”, the “browser mode”, the “advanced mode”

The Graph :
* Hard work on connections :
* We can unhook connections from the nodes
* We can switch connections
* Deletion of connections is easier
* Copy and paste nodes with their connections
* Translation of several nodes with their connections

The Browser :
* The browser is linked with the viewer
* Drag and drop of images and create automatically corresponding reader nodes
* Improve text input for path
* Arrows previous and next are functionnal
* Possibility to rename and suppress items and create folders
* Management of shortcuts

The Advanced Mode :
* We can create node without seeing the graph, only with a new Param Editor, which lists all the created nodes.

Miscellaneous :
* Help on nodes
* Parameters hint : the nodes properties are now available by right click on a node, and the paramaters are still on a separated column.

Next week we have a presentation of the avancement for the university. At this time we will post report.

The Buttle Team #2


The new version is in progress !

Hello !
For one week now, we’ve been fully working on Buttle.
And results begin to come ! So what’s new for the moment?

* Importants bugs has been fixed
* We worked on little improvements of design (menu, parameters…)

The Interface:
* Buttle workspace is shared in 4 view (Browser, Viewer, Graph, Params) which can be changed or closed

The Graph:
* Zoom is working
* A miniature of the graph was added

The Browser:
* You can browse between directories
* Was imported on Buttle Software
* We improved the management of the path text (suggestions)

* You can list nodes in the parameters part (usefull if the graph view is closed)

And it’s not the end ! We still have full of improvement to make !
And don’t worry if you think we can make much news features : we decided to have more quality than quantity !
In fact, as ButtleOFX is a open source software, we want our code to be clear and perennial.

So RDV next week, to tell you where we’ll be !

The Buttle Team #2