First appraisal of the project

Hi !

The first appraisal of the project, this morning, passed well !

Our application improved a lot since last week and is now functional. Here is a screenshot of the programm at the current time :


The graph is now completely connected to Tuttle. We can create reader nodes while drag&droping images from the computer in the graph or loading a reader plugin manually from the organized list of plugins. We can access and modify all parameters of the node, and see the modifications in the viewer.

We have implemented a toolbar which permits us to copy, cut, paste, duplicate or delete the nodes, and to undo or redo the main commands.

We have installed the plugin FFMpeg and our player is now compatible with videos, so we can apply some effects on the video in real time, while playing in the viewer.

As our application was functional, we decided to install external plugins to try and use them in ButtleOFX. We installed the Sapphire plugins from GenArts, a platform based on OpenFX standard, so we can use these plugins in ButtleOFX. Then, all OpenFX plugins can be used in Buttle !


Points to improve in the next weeks :

  • Write the undo/redo commands for each undoable action, especially on the parameters
  • Improve the user experience (possibility to select several nodes, improvement of the Drag & Drop for the viewer and the connections)
  • Improve the color picker, not completely functional yet
  • Fix the different current bugs

Our objectives for the second semester :

  • A time management with keyframes for each parameter
  • A way to save the graph in a file and to be able to reload it later
  • A miniature of the graph (a usefull tool when the graph become very big)
  • A communication work : several videos, a presence on the social networks
  • A possibility to share the application (a point to discuss with our tutor, because we need to install TuttleOFX to use ButtleOFX, and currently there is no simple installer for Tuttle…)

The slides of our presentation: here !

See you soon for new adventures !