Last meeting


The last meeting was about menu and image browser!
We have done a begining of a new menu, because the old one doesn’t work with the moving that we have done. We have to find our way with QML and Python languages but it’s in progress.
Moreover, an image browser is being built : it offers to choose an image more easily than before. We are thinking about adding a viewer inside the browser to browse sequences or simply see images in a bigger size.
In order to improve the actual graph system we are also discovering in details the Canvas element in QML.

We keep on working!


Third meeting

Hi !

During the last meeting we focused on QML. We presented our prototypes of applications and Fabien gave us advice.
We also built the new version ButtleOFX with the last changes (Python 3 / PyQt etc). Therefore, we are ready to begin the work on ButtleOFX itself.

The first thing we have to do is to fix some problems with the GUI (menus are broken in the last version).
We are also learning how to use the Canvas element in QML to improve the current version of the graph. For example, we would like to test how the graph reacts if we create hundreds of nodes. We will reflect on how we could organize the information if it’s composed of so much nodes.

Then, we will prepare other prototypes to find a way to browse files on the disk and to display them in the application. We would like to create a panel dedicated to that (something close to what Lightroom offers).