2nd week of full work for ButtleOFX!

Hello !
The 2nd week was very intense for us, and results are here!

The Interface :
* The 4 views are totally functionnal, and can pass in full screen.
* There are 3 modes to open ButtleOFX : the “default mode”, the “browser mode”, the “advanced mode”

The Graph :
* Hard work on connections :
* We can unhook connections from the nodes
* We can switch connections
* Deletion of connections is easier
* Copy and paste nodes with their connections
* Translation of several nodes with their connections

The Browser :
* The browser is linked with the viewer
* Drag and drop of images and create automatically corresponding reader nodes
* Improve text input for path
* Arrows previous and next are functionnal
* Possibility to rename and suppress items and create folders
* Management of shortcuts

The Advanced Mode :
* We can create node without seeing the graph, only with a new Param Editor, which lists all the created nodes.

Miscellaneous :
* Help on nodes
* Parameters hint : the nodes properties are now available by right click on a node, and the paramaters are still on a separated column.

Next week we have a presentation of the avancement for the university. At this time we will post report.

The Buttle Team #2


2 thoughts on “2nd week of full work for ButtleOFX!

    • Hi Eduardo !
      It’s quite difficult to run it because you have to build both TuttleOFX and ButtleOFX.
      For the moment we are still correcting small bugs, but we are planing to provide an archive with everything inside or a command line (apt-get or different depending on your OS)


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