A new team is coming

Hi !

After a break during the summer, here we are : the new team of students to develop ButtleOFX 🙂

What’s new ?
Currently, we are discovering the project and the tools used by our predecessors. We are still defining the goals of the next version, but the Graph editor and the viewer/player are likely to be improved.
The project is moving to Python 3, from pyside to pyqt, from qt4 to qt5.1 and qtquick 1 to qtquick 2.

First appointment with our tutor Fabien Castan. We discussed the current version of ButtleOFX and our objectives for the next one. We discovered the technical aspect of the project (which languages are used) and began to see how they work together.

Second meeting for the new team !
Firstly, we discussed with Fabien the analysis we made about softwares close to ButtleOFX : Nuke, Synapse, Scratch, Shake and Toxik.
Then, we built TuttleOFX on our systems (Windows / Ubuntu / Debian) and installed many things required to develop ButtleOFX : Python, Eclipse, PyQt, Qt, PyOpenGL… It took us a lot of time to install everything on very different OS. As we were setting everything up we got a quick overview of how Python works.
Finally we talked about Git and GitHub which will be very useful tools to share and merge our code.

For the next review we will develop little applications using PyQt5 and QML to train ourselves before starting the development of ButtleOFX.

Fabien CASTAN (tutor)
Jonathan DOUET
Anthony GUIOT
Virginie LALANDE
Baptiste MOIZARD


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