Link ButtleData to TuttleData

Now that we plugged Tuttle into Buttle, we can access to the TuttleOFX utilities.

First, we added a TuttleGraph to the ButtleGraph in order to respect the new structure.
Then, we created a TuttleNode in and added in the ButtleNode a link to the TuttleNode . The ButtleNode is then added to the ButtleGraph (which contains the TuttleGraph) and we update the ButtleGraph.

The main part was to link the ButtleParam to the TuttleParam. In order to do that, we modified in which the parameters were manually created. We separated the ButtleProperties (Name, Color, Coords) from the TuttleProperties (with the ParamObject.qml).

The attribute params of the node is an empty list. We fill it according to the type of the node. We created a mapTuttleParamToButtleParam in order to get the ParamObject corresponding to the TuttleType. Then, for all the parameters in the TuttleNode, we created the ParamObject in ButtleNode.params. The tricky part was to pick up the argument we need to build the ParamObject from Tuttle. We finally used if conditions in order to get the right arguments and to build ParamObject.


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