Hierarchy of the application

Now we have a pretty clear idea of the hierarchy of our project. That’s important, because soon we need to make the link between our application (Buttle), and Tuttle. Just to reminder, Tuttle will enable us to truly calculate the effect of the different nodes of the graph.

We made a class diagram (UML), in order to have a quick access to a common vision of the structure. It is an important tool, especially in our case because we code in Python. And in a python code, it’s hard to understand who is who, and who contains who, because the mechanism of pointer is hidden to the programmer.

The following diagram uses 4 colors, in order to separate the different layers we manipulated. So, from the core level, to the UI :

  • red : tuttle
  • blue : buttle core
  • pink : buttle wrapper
  • green : buttle data
  • (and the grey class represents tools we use from one of our submodule : quick mamba).

UML : class diagram


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