Second meeting

For this second appointment at Ubisoft with Fabien Castan, we especially discussed about the technologies.

– Firstly, we talked about Python, and its subtleties : the constructor syntax, the variable $PYTHONPATH, how to construct a python package, the particularity of the default parameters in this langage, etc… We helped our self with some programs we wrote during the previous week.
– After that, we made a review of QML langage : the generalities, and how the Python code will communicate with the interface in QML (Q_PROPERTY and Q_INVOKABLE). Fabien showed us “Qt Components Desktop” (a Qt Tool), which enable us to use some object already made, directly on the interface of ButtleOFX ! We need to discuss about that in order to decide if we will use that or not.
– The last main discuss was about GitHub. It will be a very useful tool for the project : to merge our code, and to do project management (we can assign task to someone, etc…).
Finally, we decided to have an other appointment in two weeks. The project begin to be more understanding for us, but we need some concrete things now ! So for the next review with Fabien, we will come with prototypes of the different parts of the project. We distributed the work like this :
    – undo / redo (Python) : Clément – Aurélien
    – Viewer (QML) : Élisa – Aurélien
    – GraphEditor : Élisa – Arthur – Xochitl
    – ParamEditor : Arthur – Clément – Xochitl
In two weeks, we will also come with our computer, in order to install all packages and dependencies to build the TuttleOFX Project.

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