Debriefing of the meeting

We have met this afternoon in order to discuss about our organization to manage the project. We’ve decided to lead the whole project in English, and Xochitl will be the project manager.

We’ve defined our objectives and performed the zoning of the application. It will consist of three main modules : the viewer, the graph and the nodes’ parameters.

For this project, we are going to use the Python and QML programming languages. We want to use the IDE Qt Creator which supports QML, but it doesn’t offer any particular support for Python. So we also decided to work on the editor Sublime Text which has an embedded Python interpreter and is available for both Linux and OS X operating systems.

Finally we’ve proceeded to the risk management to avoid all potential problems in the future.

For the next time, we have to continue reading the documentation of all technologies we’ll have to use, and of course we have to test and manipulate them until we become experts ! Each of us also has to try a concurrent software to analyse the compositing functionality.

We’ll meet again next thursday to focus on the technologies (QML, Qt, Python, Git…).


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